Is Print Media Really Dead?

Print Media What is print media? Merriam-Webster defines print as “a mark made by pressure:  impression” When we hear about print media, we typically think about newspapers, magazines and the like, but print media really encompasses a broad range of things. Signage of any kind can appear on the front of a building, on billboards, … Continued

Hoping for Big Sales this Season?

Here’s a Quick Coffee News® Checklist for Fantastic Fall Promotions Labor Day weekend marked the beginning of autumn advertising opportunities. If your small or medium-sized local business relies on big fall or winter sales, now is the time to get your marketing plan in place. To get the most from your autumn advertising dollars, contact … Continued

You Don’t Need to Pay Super Prices to Get Advertising that Works!

Advertising that works Advertising that works. After the NFL Championship Weekend, we know the Seattle Seahawks will defend their title against the New England Patriots in the big game February, 1. Over 110 million people are expected to tune into the game. That’s why the cost of 30 seconds of television advertising during the broadcast … Continued

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