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Work with Coffee News® Today!

Businesses love to advertise in Coffee News®!

Work with Coffee News® Today!

Businesses love to advertise in Coffee News®!

Print Media

What is print media? Merriam-Webster defines print as “a mark made by pressure:  impression

When we hear about print media, we typically think about newspapers, magazines and the like, but print media really encompasses a broad range of things. Signage of any kind can appear on the front of a building, on billboards, or on public transportation. There’s also political signage, direct mail, banners, business cards, brochures and even signs to sell your house or car. The list goes on and on.

With the emergence of digital and online media today, there is a perception that anything in the printed form will eventually become obsolete.

This perception has primarily been perpetuated by the fact that traditional hard news dailies were sold on this notion of becoming obsolete and jumped on the bandwagon, in part out of fear, but also in hopes that they could better serve and reach more readers. Transforming their business model, however, had an unanticipated downside. The significant loss in subscription revenue was due to the fact that readers no longer had a need to purchase a subscription as they could get it free online. The trickle-down effect of this revenue loss made it hard for them to pay their staff of writers and cover the large overhead. Some newspapers today have realized this and, in an attempt to recover, are trying to reverse this trend by offering online subscriptions. This will take time, however, to “re-sell” readers on the value since it has already been provided to them free of charge for so long.

When we consider print as an advertising medium, we have to consider everything that falls under this umbrella and understand how they each differ and how we interact with it.

Business cards remain critical in our everyday lives since we never know when we will meet someone who may have a product or service we need.

Signage, whether it be on the front of a building, billboard or on public transportation, lets the public know your brand and what you do or to convey a particular message, such as directing people to your website, who they should consider in the upcoming election or, perhaps just to let folks driving by that your house is for sale.

The emergence of radio and TV back in the day had little effect on the print media industry. Digital has simply become an additional medium to add to the mix much like radio and TV.

All advertising works whether it be radio, television, print, online and more. The smart business person spreads their advertising dollars around to effectively brand their business since they cannot reach everyone online, or on radio, or in the daily newspaper. Each medium has its benefits and targets different segments of the population.

Coffee News® is a niche publication targeting customers close by who have disposable income. This translates to a long-term, loyal customer for the local small and medium-sized businesses who advertise within it. Businesses want to be portrayed in a positive fashion, and Coffee News® provides them that perfect “buy-local” vehicle at an affordable price, and it lasts longer in the hands of potential customers. The only thing to distract them is the ads, no clicks or switch of a dial. Readers pick up Coffee News® because they enjoy it, not because they have to or are necessarily in search of something specific. They pick it up because it is fun and entertaining.

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