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Work with Coffee News® Today!

Businesses love to advertise in Coffee News®!

Work with Coffee News® Today!

Businesses love to advertise in Coffee News®!


 I am an avid Coffee News Reader.  I always look for your latest copy in all the stores and restaurants I go in.  I plan my week to make sure I have breakfast or lunch somewhere so I can pick up a copy and see what Everybody’s Talking about or What’s Happening.  I frequently use your Quoteable Quotes and your lighter side jokes.  I of course always take credit for them when sharing!!!  LOL

 I love the easy reading of your articles and the fact that it is uplifting and not so depressing like the regular Newspapers.  It is funny how one simple little brown one-page publication with a little tiny guy always hiding from me can motivate my day and let me forget about the daily routine and struggles.

 Last year I went to have a simple injection for pain in my lower back.  During the procedure, the Doctor punctured my spinal cord injecting air bubbles and the medicine into my bloodstream.  The bubbles went into my heart and sent me into cardiac arrest and the medicine went into my vital organs shutting them down.  I died four times in the ambulance going to the hospital and four more times in the ER.  I woke up hours later Paralyzed from the neck down and on a ventilator hearing the Doctors telling my family I would never walk again and that I would not live through the night.  I was in ICU for a long time and then transferred to another local Hospital where I did not progress.  I was then flown to Atlanta, Ga. To the Shepherds Center Traumatic Spinal Cord treatment facility.  I was there for months.  During this awful time, it is funny how one thing came to mind that I was missing in Atlanta.  My weekly Coffee News!  I asked friends to find copies for me and send them to me on a regular basis.  I shared your funny Jokes with the staff and Lord knows I needed a Lighter Side!!!

So I wanted to let you know to never take for granted what you do.  You never know the impact that one sheet of Brown printed paper can have to lift the Spirit’s of someone. I am home now and although not completely healed.  I did survive the impossible and I do have the use of my Upper Body and Yes I have friends who now take me out for breakfast and lunch and we ALWAYS make sure it is to a place where I can get a copy of your News!!! 

I always Hope one Day I could possibly send you some of my jokes or quotes and see them printed in one of your issues.  My friends always tell me I should tell you my story and maybe I could get a spot to write something for you weekly.  So, I finally gave in and hope this will be a blessing and inspiration to you and your staff.  Who knows maybe we can win the BIG $100 PRIZE ONE DAY  !!!!

God Bless all of you at Coffee News and Have Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year.  Now get to work on the next edition.

God Bless

Dr. Lynn Sayne


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