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*Note: These figures do not include variable costs including, without limitation, the costs for:

  • Coffee News® Stands
  • Vehicle/Fuel
  • Office Equipment
  • Software
  • Networking Organization Dues
  • Phone/Cell Phone
  • Business Cards/Rate Cards/Insertion Orders

Ad Design & Layout*
Coffee News® Apparel, Promotional Items, etc.

*Publishers typically charge an up-front ad design and layout fee to the advertiser to offset the costs charged for such services.

* Bases: The projections in the above tables are derived from the actual historical average performance of five (5) outlets located in Bangor, ME based on their approximately 20 years of experience. Said five (5) outlets used to be company-owned and were sold to franchisee Publishers over the years. The average ads sold by the five (5) outlets are above 80% over the years. Because of the fixed amount of weekly fees, Publishers are not required to provide us with their financials and we do not collect their financial information. We are familiar with the above-mentioned five (5) outlets and consider the data relating to their performance reliable over the years.

* Assumptions: Our study measured 5 company-owned and operated outlets in Bangor, ME, which is the principal city of the Bangor Metropolitan Statistical Areas with a population of approximately 153,923. Among the 280 metropolitan statistical areas defined by the U.S. Bureau of the Census, Bangor was ranked 192 by median household income and 152 by per capita income. See Highest-income metropolitan statistical areas in the United States, March 4, 2015. The market where your franchised unit is located, however, may be in a smaller urban or suburban area. As such, the results achieved by these outlets may not be typical for those in your area.

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