Who Reads Coffee News

Who Reads Coffee News®?

Coffee News® readers are men, women, young and old, who LOVE Coffee News®! It’s upbeat, fun, interactive, and informative all at the same time!

The appeal for Coffee News® crosses all demographics. Our distribution strategy coffee news readersensures high readership as we place Coffee News in popular restaurants, local coffee shops, hospitals, doctors offices, and just about anywhere you wait for food or service. Our Coffee News readers love it!

The interesting stories, trivia, horoscopes, local events, and more provide a positive mix of entertainment appealing to people of all ages. Readers are drawn to Coffee News® making it the ultimate publication in Permission Marketing! What better environment for local businesses to advertise? Coffee News® is one of the most affordable, effective, and exclusive advertising vehicles today. Millions weekly, around the world, read Coffee News®

Coffee News® readers love the fresh, positive content and entertaining news every week!

Coffee News® is everywhere!

Truly a family publication, you can find Coffee News® everywhere from local coffee shops, restaurants, doctors offices, and other areas while waiting for food or service. The one-page format allows for easy reading and our 17 subliminal techniques built into Coffee News® are designed to provide enhanced exposure for our local advertising clients. Local readers are drawn into the local advertisements in Coffee News® at a time when they are most receptive to receiving these messages which is why we call it “Permission Marketing”. What better environment for marketing your brand? Your ad will be on the front or the back but never lost in the middle of the publication and is targeted to customers close by who have disposable income.

Coffee News® interactive features keep local readers returning weekly!

local coffee newsCoffee News® is truly an interactive experience that keeps local readers coming back week after week! Our weekly “Find the Little Guy” contest is very popular and makes reading the local advertisements in Coffee News a fun event for friends and family. Coffee News readers can enter online and be eligible to win weekly or monthly prizes making it an engaging experience for all ages, not to mention added exposure for the clients who advertise in the publication. People love the advertisements and love the publication.

magazine readers love the Coffee News Contest

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