CN USA Conference 2010-209Coffee News® is the world’s #1 restaurant publication. You’ll find our friendly little brown paper in restaurants, hotels, waiting rooms, libraries and lobbies in over 16 countries. Millions of people read Coffee News® worldwide! Everyone loves the fun mix of news, trivia, horoscopes and humor each edition of Coffee News® provides. Coffee News® is published weekly. Each edition is customized for its community and contains 32 advertisements for small and medium-sized businesses in that community. Each advertisement is category-exclusive and supports not just the business who placed the ad, but the entrepreneur who sold it.

Coffee News® is one of the simplest and best business ideas of the last 25 years—and is America’s most popular, profitable, affordable franchise. After all, Coffee News® lets you be your own boss, helps boost your community involvement and be as successful as you want to be. One of Forbes and Entrepreneur’s highest-ranked affordable franchises, Coffee News® also entertains and informs readers, promotes local business and allows people all across America to make money.

Bring Coffee News® to your hometown! With a Coffee News® affordable franchise, you can make your own schedule, make a difference in your community and earn real profits. Owning a Coffee News® franchise provides a clear path to financial freedom. If you have a passion for sales and helping the businesses in your community succeed, you can earn money with Coffee News®.

Coffee News® arrived in the United States in 1995, when Bill Buckley was awarded the very first U.S. franchise opportunity. Since then, Coffee News® USA has grown into over 500 franchises in 40 states. And we’re still growing! Many of our publishers who started in the mid-1990s are still successfully helping their community with Coffee News® today. Today, Bill Buckley is the President and CEO of Coffee News® USA—the largest network of Coffee News® franchises in any country. He manages Coffee News® franchise opportunities all over the globe with his team of support specialists in Bangor, Maine.

To find out if a Coffee News® business franchise opportunity is available in your community, visit the USA Locations listing or contact us today!