You Can Start Your Own Successful Business in a Small Town with Coffee News

Do you love the small town lifestyle but cant find a find a job you love outside of the big city? Start your own business and work from home. Youll get to set your own schedule, cut your commute and high real estate costs, and live in a place you love. And theres even a shortcut to the stress-free life youre dreaming of: a low-cost Coffee News franchise. Coffee News is the perfect way to feel more connected to your community and more in control of your lifeand Americas #1 advertising franchise has a sterling success rate in small towns.


Are you fed up with a long commute to your job in the city? Are you tired of the stress and expense of urban life, and want to experience the slower pace of a small town community? If you want to live and work in a small town but you can’t find a job that makes it possible, there’s a simple answer: start your own business, be your own boss, and live the small town lifestyle you want.


If you don’t have a great idea for a business, don’t give up. Buying a franchise is a short cut to finding financial freedom as an entrepreneur. You get the business idea, marketing support and more—a real head start on owning a small business. And franchises work particularly well in small cities and rural towns. In a recent article on Good Financial Cents, Jeff Rose calls Franchises one of the Top 15 Small Town Business Ideas:


The benefits to investing in a franchise are fairly obvious: you can rely on the national marketing and advertising budget behind your brand and your customers are already familiar with your product. You may think that a franchise would not be interested in your small town, but thats not necessarily the case. According to Greg Tanner of the International Franchise Association, instead of focusing on larger cities for leads being fought over by multiple franchises, many franchisors have found great success by researching and identifying smaller communities across the nation in which their franchise concepts would thrive.


It can be very difficult (and very expensive) to purchase a national franchise, even in a small town. And what if there’s another franchise owner just down the street? Most small towns won’t be big enough for both of you. Coffee News, the world’s most popular restaurant publication, is different. Our low-cost, high opportunity franchises are exclusive, so you are the only Coffee News publisher in your area.


Coffee News advertising is exclusive, too. The small- and medium-sized businesses who purchase ads in your publication will be the only ads in their product category. That’s one of the reasons Coffee News ads do so much for your local economy. That’s why you’re drawn to small town life, right? To really get to know your neighbors, to support them in their own business endeavors, to feel more connected to the community where you live and work? Our publishers know every ad they sell supports their family … and their friends.


If you want to live in a small town, you probably enjoy a slower pace and more leisure time. Coffee News franchise owners set their own schedules and work from home, so they can truly enjoy the freedom that being their own boss brings. They forge strong ties in their community, they have time to volunteer for causes they believe in, and they have more time to spend with their families.


They also support their families. Coffee News publishers find financial freedom even in smaller financial markets. Some of our most successful publishers live in communities with less than [NUMBER] residents. Towns you’ve probably never even heard of, like [NAMES OF OBSCURE SMALL TOWNS]. The best part? They did so without making the big, expensive investment most franchises require. And they started seeing a positive cash flow, fast.


If you want to live in a small town with a traditional Main Street, choose the low-cost, high opportunity franchise that sustains Main Streets all over the world: Coffee News. Learn more about how Coffee News works today!


Go From Being a Stay at Home Parent to Working From Home and Making a Profit—Fast

If you are a stay at home parent, summertime can be the start of some big transitions, and big opportunities. Are your children starting kindergarten in this fallor even college? If you are thinking about re-entering the workforce soon, you should know that a Coffee News® low-cost franchise is a fast, flexible way to find financial freedom that will still let you be there when your family needs you. And you might not realize it, but your time at home with your kids has probably honed the skills youll need to make your Coffee News® franchise a success!

Coffee News Publisher


For parents who opt out of the workforce when their children are born, there are so many rewards—and some significant challenges. For many, one of the biggest challenges is getting back into the workforce once those intense early years of childrearing are done. Staying home with kids utilizes many of the skills valued in the workforce—budgeting, project management, conflict resolution, sales techniques, research and technology, to name a few. But while the time stay at home mothers and stay at home fathers have spent with their kids has made a big impact on their family, it also leaves a big gap on their resume. Stay at home mothers in particular can have a very difficult time merging back into their previous professions, or finding a good job at all.

If you are a stay at home mother or father looking for a fast way to contribute to your family’s finances in your free time while your kids are at school, a Coffee News® low-cost franchise can be a fast-track way to get back on your career path. We see stay at home moms and stay at home dads and potential successful publishers, and our publishers see profits fast. In fact, if you get started now, you can go back to work right when your kids go back to school!

A low-cost Coffee News® franchise takes advantage of stay at home parenting attributes like:

  • Community connections.
    Becoming a stay at home parent often leads to deeper involvement in your community. Play groups, Scouting dens, Little League teams and more expand your social circles, as do volunteering at your child’s school, camp or church group. Handling the daily shopping connects you with the local businesses and services, and chances are, you’ve also advocated for progress on community issues like improving the school budget or local parks.  Many of our most successful publishers were drawn to Coffee News® precisely because it gave them an opportunity to support local businesses and make a difference in their community, and years of stay at home parenting gives you a head start!
  • Flexible hours.
    Just because your children are starting kindergarten or heading off to college doesn’t mean you aren’t still needed at home. Your children areCoffee News more independent now, but they still want you cheering for them at their games or at their side for dental work or doctor appointments. Coffee News® publishers love being their own boss because it gives them a more flexible schedule and more free time they can spend with their families. With Coffee News®, you can meet your sales goals and still be home to meet the bus every afternoon.
  • Simple sales experience.
    How many bake sales or lemonade stands have you organized? How many car washes, raffle tickets, silent auction items or Girl Scout cookies have you helped to sell? Have you advocated for a higher school budget, more arts programming at your child’s school or healthier lunches? Sales techniques and the power of persuasion are things stay at home parents know well. If your previous career included any sales experience or if you think you an sell a newspaper ad, you have the sales chops you need to be a successful Coffee News® publisher.
  • Organization, time management and motivation.
    You’ve juggled everyone’s schedules, made and met everyone’s appointments, booked and packed for summer camp or summer vacations, stretched the family budget to cover unexpected expenses and kept your entire household running smoothly. Setting priorities, multitasking and exceeding everyone’s expectations are things stay at home parents do on a daily basis. Not everyone can work from home and have the discipline to stay on track, but stay at home parents have already proven they have what it takes to be their own boss and make money from home.
    canstockphoto14283248 copy
  • Strong support networks—and a commitment to family.
    Coffee News is a family-owned company, and because our publishers are never in competition with each other, our organization feels like family. When you become a Coffee News® publisher, we provide all the training, tools and ongoing support you need to start making money from home fast. If your children are going back to school, consider going to Coffee News® College—and starting a whole new successful chapter in your life!

You can be your own boss and make money from home this fall if you get started today.


The Secret to (Long-Term) Success: Coffee News® Ranked #1 Advertising Franchise by Entrepreneur for the 17th Straight Year

When Entrepreneur released its Best Franchises 2015 rankings, Coffee News® came out on top again—#1 in our category, Advertising-Publishing, and #137 in the top 150 franchises worldwide. We’re one of the least expensive members of the Top 500 Franchises club and yet we’re one of the most successful. What’s the secret of our long-term success? Coffee News® has one of the world’s best business ideas, sure. But it’s our publishers—people just like you who decided to be their own boss and make money working from home—that make the difference. Tony Brooks is one of those successful publishers. He’s been with us for almost as long as we’ve been #1, and he has some wonderful insights on why Coffee News® is the cream of the crop.




“I found Coffee News® eleven years ago today, completely by accident,” Tony Brooks of Ontario, Canada remembers. “I was mowing my lawn and decided to go inside to get something to drink. I flipped on the TV, and caught two minutes of an interview with Jean Daum, the founder of Coffee News®. In just those two minutes, Coffee News® completely caught my attention,” he marvels.

Having one of the best business ideas of the past 50 years is one of the reasons Coffee News® continues to win franchise awards, Tony believes. “Coffee News® is a great business idea. I have a business degree, and I know a good thing. I know accounting and marketing, and I knew it was a great business model from the get-go.”

Everyone he told about Coffee News® agreed with him. “I bounced the idea off of a couple of friends. One of my friends liked it so much we struck up a partnership. We bought our first franchises on September 15, 2004, and had our first edition printed by November 29.”



Our publishers don’t need to make a big investment to make it big. Coffee News® is a low cost franchise opportunity that can generate high returns, fast. The speed with which new franchise owners can get up and running—and making money—is definitely one of the reasons Coffee News® keeps coming out on top, Tony explains.

“Getting going was so quick I was able to catch the holiday advertising season,” he says. “The end of November isn’t an ideal time to start your ad sales, because so many companies have already spent their fourth quarter budget. So I offered new advertisers the month of December for free if they would sign a four-month contract. By the end of those four months, our editions were completely sold out—and we’ve been going strong ever since.”

Tony got ahead quickly, but today’s franchise owners have an even bigger head start. “Back then, we had to find our own graphic design and printing, and now Coffee News® takes care of that for you,” he says. “Today’s publishers definitely have it easier than we did—they can be up and running in just two to three weeks! But we had a lot of fun teaching ourselves Adobe Illustrator,” he laughs.



“I still have my first two advertisers, a car lot and a butcher shop, in my editions today,” Tony says proudly. “In fact, some of the ads themselves are the same ads my customers have been running for nine years! And they’re still working.”my-customers-know

The advertising insights and sales techniques built into each issue of Coffee News® definitely give advertisers an advantage, even in today’s media-saturated world, Tony believes. “Sales is not always an easy career, but when you are a Coffee News® publisher, you’ve got an edge. Almost 90% of our issues go home with our readers, and our readers are making the shopping decisions for their families. We’re grassroots advertising, targeting the right people at the right time in the right way.”

Tony’s success often leaves local radio stations, online portals and newspapers struggling to target his happy prospects. “As soon as someone places an ad in one of my editions, they’re going to get phone calls from all sorts of other sales teams,” he laughs. “But my customers are loyal because they’re happy. They’re seeing real results. And they don’t want to let their competition get in!”

“My customers know, for the money and the impact, that nothing is as good as Coffee News,” Tony says.



From Coffee News® College to conferences to the online resource center, the amount of high-quality support and service Coffee News® publishers receive sets our franchise opportunity apart. “When I first started, there was no one around for hundreds of miles,” Tony reminisces. “I had to be self-sufficient. But today, you don’t have to be. Coffee News® takes care of everything.”

Rich support networks fostered at conferences and the mentorship program connecting new and established publishers are two of Tony’s favorite aspects of Coffee News®. “I try to help as many junior Publishers as possible—sharing information on forums, answering questions by email, chatting by phone or at conferences. We talk about different opportunities, we refer each other business, we really try to help.”

“I wish Coffee News® conferences were every year!” he adds.

Reinforcement and reassurance are some of the most important things Tony can offer new Publishers. “The thing about sales is, you’re going to have bad days,” Tony explains. “Your whole life, you’re told not to talk to strangers, and not to talk about money. When you’re in sales, you have to spend your days talking to strangers about money!” he laughs. “It can be tough sometimes. My St. Thomas edition is 90% full, and I share all the insights I have with other publishers to help them get there, too.”

Because Coffee News® publishers aren’t in competition with each other, it’s easier to connect and grow closer to each other. “When I first started, I could call up the owner, Jean Daum, and talk for hours,” Tony remembers fondly. “I have that history and I know how much she cared. I take that from Jean: an attitude of gratitude. What helps others helps me. You don’t just join a franchise with Coffee News®,” Tony declares. “You join a family.”

Now and then


“I’m gong to tell you something,” Tony says, already laughing. “My wife. She doesn’t like me to wear my Coffee News® caps or shirts when we go out to dinner. You know why? Because everyone’s going to be coming up to me all evening long to tell me just how much they love Coffee News®.”

Authentic connections with their community are one of the reasons Coffee News® franchises (and their publishers!) succeed, Tony says. “Around town I’m the Coffee News® guy, and that’s fun! I’m a local business leader, I’ve won a couple of prizes, I’ve made a difference to my local economy and I’ve given back to my community.”

At the end of the day, that is what keeps Tony going—and that is what he believes will keep Coffee News® at the top of Entrepreneur’s rankings for the next seventeen years. “People love Coffee News®,” he says with a smile. “I just can’t say it enough.” Visit Tony’s website at:

Make Your First Customer Your Customer for Life

You did it! Your research, outreach, marketing and great product paid off, and a smart local business has agreed to advertise in your Coffee News® publication. While many Coffee News® publishers find businesses reach out to them, all of our entrepreneurs would agree that landing a brand-new customer can be really hard work. Its much easier to keep your existing customers so happy they keep coming back. How much easier? According to Bain & Company, it is six to seven times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. If you want to maximize your profits, you need to make customer retention your first priority. Here are five tips from successful Coffee News® publishers on how to make your first customer your customer for life!

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 4.08.50 PM
1. Stay in touch.
When you pursue a sales lead or pitch a prospective customer, you shower them with personal attention and respond quickly to their questions and their requests. You make them feel special, and you establish a standard of customer service they expect from you going forward. Once they sign on, you can’t sign off.

Did your customer get a positive write-up in the local news or receive an award? Drop them a note of congratulations! Have they added new products or announced new events? Admire their efforts and ask how you can support their business growth. If you come across an interesting article that relates to their business or their personal interests, send it to them in a friendly email. Keep the conversation going, and your customers are less likely to go anywhere. A non-sales related check-in once a month can keep customers from checking out your competition.


2. Step up your customer service.
According to Accenture, price iscanstockphoto6923883 not the reason most customers decide to go somewhere else. Customers are four times more likely to leave you if they have a problem with your customer service than if they are unhappy with your product. The more time you spend enhancing your customer service, the more it will benefit your bottom line.

When you sign a new customer, make sure they understand all the advantages of advertising in Coffee News®. Show them just how easy it is to create their first Coffee News® advertisement, and share the advertising expertise you’ve gained from Coffee News® College with your customers. Answer all their questions promptly and accurately. Provide them with all your current contact information and your business hours, and encourage them to let you know if they experience any problems. Always be personable and professional in every interaction, no matter how tense or frustrated you might seem at the time. When you successfully resolve a problem for a customer, you show them they can count on you—and they’ll come back to you, again and again.

When you distribute a fresh issue, reach out to your customers so they can prepare for a bump in new business. You might just find them helping you expand your business as well! According to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, happy customers tell between four to six of their peers about positive customer service interactions and are twice as likely to recommend your services!


3. Offer incentives to stay and reward customer loyalty.
Is your mailbox or inbox filled with junk mail offering you steep discounts on a new cable subscription package, bank account, cell phone service or credit card? Offering deep discounts or special rewards for signing up new customers is a flashy and popular business practice. It’s also very expensive—and not very effective in creating long-term customers.
Increasing your customer retention by 2% is equivalent to lowering your business costs by 10%! There’s a much bigger reward in retaining good customers than chasing new ones. The customers you should reward are the customers you already have.

From their first Coffee News® ad placement to their 50th, acknowledge customer loyalty milestones with handwritten notes, small gifts or packaged discounts. Offer a referral discount for happy customers that recommend your Coffee News® publication to their friends. Let long-time customers reserve their favorite placement on the page, and add incentives like one free placement or a discount to longer-term contract commitments. To keep an existing customer happy, you have to give away a lot less … and you get a lot more.


4. Survey your customers regularly. Can you be doing better?
canstockphoto14173465Don’t assume that no news is good news. According to the Financial Training Institute, 96% of unhappy customers will never tell you they’re disappointed in your services … but 91% of them won’t come back. Reaching out regularly to your customers—and asking for their honest opinion of your work—lets you find out if something’s wrong and have the chance to fix it.

Send an email survey to your customers on a quarterly basis. (Services like SurveyMonkey are free and easy to use.) You can also mail surveys to your customers or schedule regular one-on-one check-ins. Ask specific and thoughtful questions, and include a text box for customers to share their thoughts or raise new issues. Even customers that choose not to respond will register that you care about their opinion. Read the responses you do receive carefully. Even if a complaint seems unfair, don’t get defensive—get on the phone to offer an explanation and to ask how you can make it right.


5. Show the results your customers are looking for.
Coffee News® advertising is some of the lowest cost, highest value advertising available anywhere. But not all the benefits of advertising are immediate or tangible, and effective advertising takes time to take hold in today’s ad-saturated world. Make sure your customers always have reasonable expectations … and then, make sure you always exceed them.


Repeat customers spend up to two times more and are six to seven times less expensive to acquire than new customers. The high quality of Coffee News® makes customer retention easy—but it still takes a little extra effort that will pay off big in the end!



Four Fantastic 2015 Tax Tips for Self-Employed Small Business Owners

Small business tax deductions 2016

At Coffee News®, we believe being your own boss is the best. There are many benefits to becoming an entrepreneur, and the many tax deductions only Tax Adviceself-employed people can take is one of them. But there are also taxes that only self-employed people have to pay, so planning ahead is the key to keeping more of your hard-earned money. If you weren’t happy with your tax bill in 2016, now is the time to make changes for 2017. Check out our four favorite tax tips for entrepreneurs below, and talk to your accountant about what you can do now to protect your income in 2017!


1. Paying self-employment taxes on time means paying less.

Self-employment tax is the same tax every worker pays to help fund the Social Security and Medicare programs. The difference is, entrepreneurs take on the responsibility of paying this tax themselves.

Before you started your own business, your employer deducted employment taxes from your salary and paid the I.R.S. for you. If you qualified for a refund when you calculated your taxes for the year, you received some of that money back. Now that you are your own boss, you need to send quarterly estimated tax payments to the I.R.S. on your own. This “pay as you go” method is divided up into four payments during the year that are due on April 15, June 15, September 15 and January 15. You need to pay one quarter of your self-employment tax on each one of those dates, and you will be fined underpayment penalties and interest if you don’t.

You figure out how much you owe in self-employment taxes, and then you should talk to a trusted tax advisor and review the Schedule SE. To avoid underpayment charges, you must owe less than $1,000 in taxes or to have paid at least 90% of the tax you owe when you file. Paying on time is a great way to keep more of your own hard-earned money!


2. Explore potential S-Corp savings, even if you are a sole proprietor.

TAXES CLAIMEven if you form an LLC for your new business, the I.R.S. treats all the money you earn from your business as your personal income—and you have to pay self-employment tax on all of it. If, like many Coffee News® publishers, you make a lot of money from your small business, designating that business as an S Corp might help you shelter some of that income from taxes.

Small business owners who can file as an S Corp pay themselves a “reasonable salary” out of their business profits, and, in most states, only pay self-employment taxes on that salary. S Corp filling does demand a lot of additional paperwork and documentation throughout the year, however, so talk to a trusted tax professional about whether or not it makes sense for you and your small business. It just might significantly lower your personal tax bill while keeping your business in the black!


3. Deductions can make a big difference for self-employed entrepreneurs.

Almost all Coffee News® publishers enjoy the convenience and flexibility of working from their own home. They also enjoy the ability to deduct their home office—and a host of other business expenses—from their income taxes.

Your income taxes are calculated from your “net profit”—the amount of money you make once the costs of running your business are subtracted.

The I.R.S. allows self-employed entrepreneurs to reduce their net profit by deducting the money you spent on running your own business. Some of the deductions might surprise you, like mileage or maintenance on your car, your phone and internet bills, loan interest, computer and software purchases, office supplies, legal or tax preparation fees, and more! If you have a home office, a percentage of your home utilities and home repairs may also be tax-deductible.

(The list of things self-employed people can deduct as business expenses is long, but not infinite, so be responsible and deduct only what you’re due. But if it’s an “ordinary and necessary” part of running your business, chances are, you can deduct it.)

Talk to a trusted tax professional, review the Schedule C, Profit / Loss from a Business and start saving your receipts. By documenting and deducting every possible business expense, you can keep more of your money at tax time!


4. Open your own Self-Employed 401(k), Simple IRA or SEP-IRA.

Entrepreneurs need to save for retirement, too! And self-employed small business owners can save money on their taxes while they save for the future. Just like in traditional jobs, putting money into retirement savings plans like 401(k)s and IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts) can reduce the amount of taxes entrepreneurs have to pay now. In most cases, you deduct the money you contributed from your income, and you pay taxes on it only when you take that money out.


When you worked for somebody else, they chose the types of retirement savings plans you had access to. Now that you are your own boss, you get to choose—and you might be surprised at how many choices you have. Self-Employed 401(k)s, Simple IRAs, SEP (Self Employed Person) IRAs and more all let you defer or diminish your tax liability in different ways. The best part? Some of these savings plans can be opened just before the filing deadline of April 15.

Because there are so many choices with so many differing benefits and drawbacks, you should definitely talk to a trusted tax professional about the plan that makes the most sense—and saves the most money—for you.

Are You a Small Business Owner Looking for a Boost in Summer Sales?

canstockphoto14626462If you own a small business that does big business in the summer, now is the time to get your marketing plan in place. Landscapers, homebuilders, realtors, A/C and HVAC professionals, pool shops, organizers and housecleaners are just some of the industries that count on a strong start to summer sales for a successful year. Its no coincidence that these professions are some of the most likely to benefit from advertising in their local Coffee News®! Why should you become an industry-exclusive advertiser in your local Coffee News® restaurant publication, and how do you get started?

If you are a small business with strong ties to your local community, Coffee News® is an easy, affordable advertising opportunity that was designed just for you …and generates real returns for business owners just like you. That’s right—the friendly brown restaurant paper that you pick up at restaurants, grocery stores, shops and offices in your town drives sales and brand awareness for small local businesses every day!


Why should entrepreneurs and small local businesses advertise in Coffee News®?

  • So many of your potential customers read and enjoy Coffee News®. The sort of person who frequents their neighborhood restaurants, shops and stores is just the sort of person you want to reach—and they’re reaching for the latest edition of Coffee News® while they wait for their meal or their turn at the register.
  • Every Coffee News® ad placement is industry-exclusive. This means if you purchase an ad in your local Coffee News®, you will be the only business advertising that service in Coffee News®. In other magazines or newspapers, you’re just one of a crowd. In Coffee News®, you’re always the industry leader.canstockphoto7513119
  • Coffee News® is always good news. Traditional newspaper or magazine advertising can place your ad right next to a sad or negative story. The bad feelings readers get from the news or magazine story can change how they view your ad. But Coffee News® is filled with enjoyable, humorous and light stories that generate positive feelings—and sales!
  • Coffee News®will design your ad for you for you. That’s right—professional ad design is done by the Coffee News® team! Saving you the cost of hiring a graphic designer or a copywriter!

If you want to generate summer sales, when should you start advertising in Coffee News®?

  • canstockphoto21116604If you want your Coffee News® ad to have the most impact on spring sales, talk to your local Coffee News® publisher today. Potential customers need multiple “impressions” (or views of your ad) to remember it when they go to make a purchase. We’re all surrounded by advertising almost every moment of every day, and breaking through the noise takes, on average, about three months of recurring ad placements. You’ll also want to leave yourself enough time to work with the Coffee News® team on designing the best ad for your business.

How do you place an ad in Coffee News®?


How a Conversation at a Dinner Party Led this Mom to Her Coffee News Career

Lori Danielson (left), Leah Hickman (right)

NEW Coffee News® Publisher – Leah Hickman of Longview, Texas

It was at a dinner party in the summer of 2015 when Leah Hickman found … Read More