Even our most successful publishers were once just like you—determined to work from home, have more community involvement … but not sure how to change careers. Coffee News® is one of the world’s best business ideas and a franchise opportunity that can earn you financial freedom. Learn how a Coffee News® low risk, low-cost franchise opportunity changed their lives.

Is starting a home business simple with Coffee News®?

“I found the process of purchasing a Coffee News® franchise very simple in the end. It’s a family business, but very professionally run. I wish I had done it years ago!”
-Jack Hutchinson, Publisher Northern Ireland.  Learn Jack’s full story here.

“Coffee News® didn’t rush or pressure me, and I took the time to really do my research and make sure this was something I wanted to invest in. I had to be sure Coffee News® was worth my investment, and the upside was a lot greater than the downside could be.”
Thomas Tennon, Publisher Texas, USA.  Learn Thomas’ full story here.

How did Coffee News® College help you start your business with Coffee News®?

“Coffee News® College was extremely fun. I learned a lot, and am going to take a lot home with me … It made me more motivated to continue the growth and philosophies of Coffee News®!”
– Linda Chen, Publisher California, USA

Is the Coffee News® model one of the most successful business ideas?

“The Coffee News® model absolutely works…the model has been around for 25 years and it has a good history. It is a proven model, so if you follow the model you will be successful!”
-Karen Newton, Publisher Ontario, Canada

“I think Coffee News® College is a great business and you can learn a lot. If you are starting a business for the first time, Coffee News® is great for you because it’s easy. It’s really simple and you have help all the time.”
Olga Seikierska Publisher, Poland.  Learn Olga’s full story here.

Has Coffee News® let you make money from home and find the financial freedom you hoped for?

“It’s a good, affordable, franchise, but a profitable business for someone to run.”
-Jack Hutchinson, Publisher Northern Ireland.  Learn Jack’s full story here.

“In that first year, I had made an arrangement with the existing Coffee News® publisher. She financed part of the deal and I made payments. I paid off my whole investment and I made a profit in just one year!”
Debbie Jackson, Publisher Missouri, USA

Do small business and medium-sized business owners buy advertising with Coffee News®?

“Coffee News® is an affordable franchise and an affordable advertising outlet.”
Melanie Williams, Former Publisher Washington, USA

Are you satisfied with the support you receive from Coffee News®?

“My wife and I are both entrepreneurs, and we’ve been searching for a long time for the business that fits our needs. We finally found it. Coffee News® answered our prayers and the future looks great.  Self-employed for 25 years, this is the first franchise opportunity we’ve ever purchased. The support Coffee News® provides is outstanding.  We could ask for nothing more.  Our only regret is we didn’t find Coffee News® sooner.  Join the Coffee News® family—you’ll be glad you did!”
-David and Tricia Niven, Publishers North Carolina, USA

“I love Coffee News®! It’s the best job I’ve ever had, and I wish I found Coffee News® 15 years earlier. I’ve referred several people to become Coffee News® publishers.”
Reid Stanley, Publisher Maine, USA