“Coffee News is food for thought, as our readers dine. It’s like a breath of fresh air for those who are tired of hearing only the bad news.”
—Jean Daum, Founder, Coffee News®

In 1988, Jean Daum of Manitoba, Canada placed a lunch order at her favorite café. She found herself reading the nutritional information on a sugar packet to pass the time before her food arrived. Restaurants should give patrons something quick to read while they wait, Jean thought. And just like that, Coffee Newsone of the world’s best franchise opportunities and most successful business ideas—was born.

Jean Daum

Jean Daum, Founder of Coffee News®

Jean’s background in advertising helped her design a restaurant publication as fun and addictive as sugar, but much more nourishing. After many months of research, Jean packed Coffee News with uplifting and humorous stories, facts, trivia, horoscopes, local event listings and most importantly, local small and medium-sized business advertising. After all, Jean’s passion to help her community was as important to the Coffee News formula as its 17 different psychological and super-learning techniques that boost readership and ad effectiveness.

When Jean launched her first issue of Coffee News in Winnipeg restaurants and cafés, they flew off the racks. They also flew all across Canada! Local pilots liked Coffee News so much they took extra copies with them on flights from Winnipeg!

The response to Coffee News exceeded Jean’s wildest dreams. People wanted to read Coffee News. Restaurants wanted to carry Coffee News. Local businesses wanted to advertise in Coffee News. This amazing grassroots growth inspired Jean to turn Coffee News into a franchise business opportunity, so anyone who can sell advertising could earn money with a Coffee News, budget friendly, franchise.


Bill Buckley & Candice Daum, 2013

In 1995, Coffee News arrived in the United States. Bill Buckley was Jean’s very first American franchisee. He saw positive cash flow almost from day one. He also saw the incredible potential of this brilliant business idea and knew it would help entrepreneurs all over the country make money working from home. Bill ran the U.S. franchise headquarters from his hometown of Bangor, Maine, and when Jean passed away in 2007 he acquired the international operations while Jean’s daughter, Candice Daum, assumed the leadership of Coffee News  Canada.

During the 1990s and 2000s, Coffee News expanded around the world and found great success in Australia, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Poland, South Africa and Spain. Today, Bill Buckley, Coffee News President and CEO and Candice Daum, President of Coffee News Canada, work closely together to keep Jean’s dream of supporting entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses alive. Like so many of its publishers, Coffee News is truly a family-run business.

The Coffee News that everyone knows and loves is now read by over five million people per week worldwide and has become the largest weekly restaurant publication in the world. Forbes named Coffee News one of its “Top 20 Franchises to Start.” Entrepreneur Magazine ranks Coffee News as the #1 Advertising Sales Franchise, making Coffee News one of the world’s best franchise opportunities and most successful business ideas.

You can make Coffee News history and make money working for yourself, by becoming a Coffee News publisher today!